Jetlag: 15 tips for beating timezone tiredness

We share our expert advice on jetlag with 15 top tips on how to beat it before, during and after your flight.

Jetlag: it’s the bane of the timezone-crossing frequent flyer’s life. We take a look at ways to beat this unfortunate travel side effect.

businessman asleep on keyboardSo, why do we get jet lag?

Our bodies are naturally programmed to do a number of things throughout a 24-hour period such as eating and sleeping, and these circadian rhythms as they are known, get thrown wildly of sync when we travel long distances at high speed. A major change in time zones can mean that our bodies get very confused indeed. This can lead to extreme fatigue, indigestion and bowel problems, loss of appetite, memory and concentration issues or a general feeling of being unwell.

Is one direction better than the other?

Yes, west is best, east is a beast. Generally speaking, people find that travelling east produces the worst jet lag. This is because travellers find themselves trying to get to sleep when their bodies are actually waking up and are then forced to get up at what feels like the middle of the night. To put it another way,

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How to get a flight upgrade: 15 ways to get bumped up to business

Skyscanner’s frequent-flying staff share their industry insider tips on how to get a flight upgrade. See you in first class!

Throwing tantrums, chatting up check-in staff and err, putting on weight – Skyscanner’s frequent flyers reveal their top tips for bagging an upgrade.

Have you got a good upgrade tip or story? Simply post it in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Do you always wear a top hat to Terminal 5? Did you sleep with the pilot? Tell us all!

1. Travel at quiet times

Graphic Designer Clare McMonagle says you get a better chance of upgrading to business class by ‘booking a flight on bank holidays and at other times of the year when business users are less likely to fly as the seats tend not to be taken up’.

2. Spend lots of money

Sometimes you have to invest to get a return. Relationship Executive Matthew Smith says: “My wife and I got upgraded when we moved here from the US on BA. Not sure why, but we think spending $1600 on baggage fees helped.”

3. Be loyal

Ewan Gray, Director, APAC advises joining the airline’s loyalty program: “Even if it’s the lowest level, you still get rewarded first. I know

10 ways to void your travel insurance

It’s easy to ruin your holiday if you not adequately covered Here are 10 of the best ways to void your travel insurance claim.

ONE IN FIVE UK holidaymakers don’t buy travel insurance, according to the British travel industry association ABTA. You hope it never happens, if you do get mugged, get injured or get eaten by a leopard while you’re on holiday, will you be adequately covered by your insurance policy?

The most common type of travel insurance claim is medical, be it related to a pre-registered health condition or an illness or accident that occurs while on holiday.

After that, the top five reasons to claim are made up of: cancellation, baggage damage or loss, travel delays and missed departure appears (it’s not clear whether this related to a last minute issue that causes people to forgo their holiday or they simply get lost on the way to airport).

For those that do end up making a claim the disappointment of a ruined holiday can be further compounded by refusal by their travel insurer to pay up.

You may think you’re covered, but many holidaymakers get caught out. Here are 10 of the most common ways to void your travel insurance.

1. Don’t

Travel Light: how to pack with hand luggage (carry-on) only

Why travel light? The pros of taking hand luggage only.

As airlines squeeze us for every last penny with many now charging for checking-in bags – it’s never been more important to pack light. But boarding with hand luggage only isn’t just the territory of businessmen or day trippers; it’s quite possible to pack for a week or more with nothing more than one carry-on-sized bag. Sam from Skyscanner shows you how.

bags.backpacks.JPGA beach-bum friend of mine used to head off on his travels with nothing more than three pairs of boxers, a toothbrush and his passport stuffed into a Tesco carrier bag; whilst this is probably taking the ‘travel light’ philosophy a little too far, for many of us, the hand-luggage-only way of travel is perfectly possible and has several advantages.

Why travel light? The pros of taking hand luggage only

Travel Cheaper – at the moment, airlines don’t charge for hand luggage (though who knows what the future may bring!), but with the cost of checking in baggage as much £40 per return flight, careful packing can save you a packet.

Travel Faster – if you check-in online, there’s no need to stand in lengthy check-in queues – just

10 tips for flying with kids: secrets of travelling with toddlers

How to keep your kids happy at 30,000 feet: a frequent-flying mum reveals her top tips.

At holiday time, parents around the world worry about the ‘joys’ of flying with their young children. But fear not, owners of tantrum-prone toddlers! Skyscanner’s Mary ‘Mother of One Two’ Porter reveals her top tips for travelling with children…

I make no bones about the fact that I have found flying with a toddler an absolute nightmare – in fact a recent flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh with my “darling” two year old proved to be possibly the worst 40 minutes of my motherhood experiences (and I’m including childbirth in that). He screamed for the entire journey, much to the obvious delight of the suited and booted businessmen sitting nearby. It was therefore with great trepidation that I organised a holiday to Portugal which would involve a three-hour flight each way with said “darling”.

In order not to repeat the flying-with-toddler nightmare, I asked all my parent friends for their tips and advice – and low and behold we had a near perfect flight!

So if you are planning to take your little darlings on a flight, here are my top 10 tips to ensure a stress

20 money saving travel tips and secrets

From booking flights to fine dining: find out how to save cash on holiday.

Why pay more than you need to on travel? Cut costs and travel cheaper with Skyscanner’s 20 top tips for slashing the price of your holiday.

Save on flights

1. Travel at the cheapest times

The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Skyscanner lets you compare flight prices across a whole month or year meaning you’ll be able to see the cheapest days to fly, saving you a potential packet.

Avoiding the weekends can make a huge impact on the price of flights. Why not compare travel from a Wednesday to Wednesday rather than a Friday to Friday. Using Skyscanner’s handy search tool, you’ll be able to see a graph view of the cheapest days of the week to fly.

2. Use Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ tool to find the cheapest flights from any airport

Don’t mind where you go as long as you can get there cheaply? Then use Skyscanner’s ‘search everywhere’ option which lists the cheapest flights from your local airport in price order.


3. Travel in low season

If you can avoid it, don’t head to Australia for

10 tips for travelling solo

Janice Waugh, author of The Solo Traveller’s Handbook, shares her top tips for independent travel.

More people are traveling solo than ever before…

More people are now single than at any other time in history but that’s not the only reason why people are going travelling on their own. People also want the luxury of following their own interests and living on their own schedule. People of all ages are out on the road solo. On my travels I’ve met people in their 20s and people in their seventies taking on the world in their own way.

If you’re planning a solo trip, here are ten top insider tips for independent travel you need to know, courtesy of Janice Waugh, author of The Solo Traveller’s Handbook.

1. When planning your accommodation…

Consider a guest house, hostel, B&B or small pension as they usually offer more access to friendly locals.

2. Give yourself a full day to really acclimatise to each new destination

I find that it takes that amount of time to feel comfortable.

3. Enjoy dinner as a solo traveller:

– Choose a restaurant with a bar and eat there – this is my choice as I almost always meet someone.

– Go to restaurants with communal

50 insider travel tips & tricks: what we’ve learned about travelling

From the philosophical to the funny, the serious to the silly, we present our list of learnings from travelling the world.

With over 200 employees from over 35 nations (Thailand to Ireland; The Philippines to France), Skyscanner is a well-travelled company. Between us, we’ve visited almost every country in the world.

So we asked our staff, from the CEO to our interns, for their nuggets of wisdom they’ve picked up on the road. From the philosophical to the funny, the serious to the silly, Skyscanner presents our list of learnings from travelling the world.

Practical Travel Tips and Advice

1. Pack less

When it comes to clothing: less is best

Travelling with just hand-luggage should be your goal. Do you really need six pairs of heels, tea bags, and an iron? Take less and you’ll travel cheaper (no check-in luggage fees), travel faster (no waiting for your bags), and travel easier (one bag means less to lug around).

2. Leave the guidebook at home

Rather than taking your entire copy of the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet, just photocopy the pages you need, then discard after you have used them. Saves space and weight.
James Teideman, Skyscanner Marketing Communications Executive

3. Never join

10 ways to get the best deal on your travel money

10 insider secrets of the foreign currency exchange helping you get the best travel dosh deal for your holiday.

Get the most bang for your buck, Euro, or rand! Our guest financial expert Claire Connachan shares 10 of her most valuable industry secrets on how you can get the best exchange rates on your travel money.

1. Know the jargon

Foreign exchange has its very own jargon. Learn the lingo so you don’t get led up the garden path when purchasing your dosh. For example:

– sell rate: what you get when you exchange pounds
– buy rate: what you get when you exchange leftover foreign currency
– interbank or bank to bank rate: the wholesale rate that banks exchange between themselves

More: learn more examples of foreign exchange jargon and become an FX (foreign exchange) whizz.

2. Investigate your currency

This doesn’t apply to the US Dollar or Euro, but some more exotic currencies have odd quirks. For example, the Moroccan Dirham cannot be exchanged internationally, and Cuba has two currencies – one for tourists and one for locals! Be sure to investigate the money you need before you exchange. So do your homework, otherwise you might be stuck!

Euro.GBP.jpg3. Watch the exchange

Hawaii Travel Tips

Getting to Hawaii
Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii’s major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaii’s visitors. All major domestic carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere.

There are also direct flights from the U.S. mainland to Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, but for the most part, you may need to connect through Oahu to get to the neighbor islands including Lanai and Molokai. There are daily ferry services from  Lahaina Harbor in Maui to both Manele Bay in Lanai and Kaunakakai Harbor in Molokai.

Flight times from Honolulu International Airport (HNL), Oahu to:

Lihue Airport (LIH), Kauai: 30 minutes
Kahului Airport (OGG), Maui: 30 minutes
Kapalua-West Maui Airport (JHM), Maui: 30 minutes
Molokai Airport (MKK), Molokai: 20 minutes
Lanai Airport (LNY), Lanai: 25 minutes
Hilo International Airport (ITO), Hawaii’s Big Island: 50 minutes
Kona International Airport (KOA), Hawaii’s Big Island: 45 minutes

Staying in Hawaii
Finding accommodations is easy in Hawaii. Choose from historic hotels, luxury resorts, charming vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, hostels and rental condos.

Anytime of the year is a good time to visit Hawaii. Summer, between April and November, is warmer and drier (average temperature is 75˚-88˚ F) while winter, between December and March,

10 Tips For Packing Light

10 Tips For Packing LightWhether you are packing for a business trip or going on vacation, it pays to keep things simple. Here’s how to think–and pack–like a minimalist.

1. Put things in perspective

During the 1920s and 1930s, wealthy train travelers carried toilet articles in bags like this leather travel case with a canvas cover, which belonged to Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

2. Choose a capacious carry-on

A duffel on wheels, without any interior compartments, gives you a lot of flexibility about what– and how–you pack. The 22-inch Timbuk2 conveyor wheeled duffel bag (about $200), shown here, can hold a week’s worth of clothing.

3. Bring ample footwear

Without going overboard, bring appropriate shoes for all the activities you have planned.

4. Be a minimalist with toiletries

Pare your list down to what you absolutely need and rely on hotel amenities.

5. Layer to change your look

This approach gives you more outfits and the flexibility to adjust for weather changes. One long-sleeve button-down shirt, two camisoles, two tank tops and a cardigan can be combined in multiple ways.

6. Dress it up or down


My 55 best travel tips

It is almost May. I’m slightly alarmed by this. Not just because the year is zipping by, and I’m wondering how I squandered away all that time with so little to show for it (Whither the sample chapter of the great American travel memoir, Everywhereist? Whither the clean laundry you were going to do?), but because I am coming up on another anniversary.

Soon, I will have been blogging for three years.

THREE YEARS. Yeah. Having been out school for well-over a decade, and unemployed for a good shot of time, too, I’ve found that only my blog’s arbitrary birthday that provides me with any opportunity for reflection on the events of the last few years.

In some respects, I’m amazed at how staggeringly little I’ve grown as a traveler: I still roam cities with nary a clue as to what I’m doing, I’m still motivated largely by my quest to stuff as many baked goods into my mouth as possible, I still weep a little when forced to read a map. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t learn anything. I have picked up a few tips and tricks that I’ve gleaned from my many copious mistakes. Here are the